1: Mental Health

The use of technology and tele-health has been the only way many students have had access to vital healthcare. While systems are still being built to handle the volumes, logistics of doctors and jurisdictions of health insurance are still being debated. How can higher education play a role in lobbying for the right innovations within policy and platform?

2: Workforce Readiness

Career development paths for international students, from graduate school to OPT, have been largely impacted by rehoming orders. How can international students continue their ability to prove work, or establish a work history, if they are not physically in the US? What concessions can institutions and the US political administration do to make this easier on the students?

3: Academics

The current policies and practices institutions, alongside government hold, affect international student academic success from both a mental and emotional lens. International students are surrounded by immense stress not only to live, but achieve a higher standard of academic marks than domestic peers. Should we be more considerate towards each individual case? Are administrations too unrealistic by design or by misunderstanding?

4: Social and Cultural Experiences

Racism, white nationalism, sexism, bigotry and the hard issues come at us in a very real way on campus. Not every international student understands the affects, or knows how to respond when faced in troublesome circumstances. How do we discuss these topics with International Students without broaching offence? How do administrators ensure students know their rights and know how to respond?

Research Updates

As an alliance, GAISA is committed to working with every level of higher education, business experts, thought leaders and influencers, to build a new model of international student success. As a member of GAISA, you will be able to:
UPDATE 29/07/2021

Our first research report has been completed. This baseline survey gives us the opportunity to learn the overall feelings toward institutional changes and responses during COVID and the subsequent lockdowns. Students gave us a fairly frank dialogue about the impact they felt, and what they wished had happened. Our report snapshot is currently available to download, with the full report available for purchase mid-August.

UPDATE 23/06/2021

In an unprecedented year in higher education, some of our most vulnerable student populations have been disproportionately affected by the Covid pandemic. Returning and new international students comprise a large part of this group, and there are few resources for colleges and universities to utilize.
GAISA is pleased to announce a year-long strategic research partnership with Hanover Research, a premier higher education research firm located in Washington, DC. For the next calendar year we will be conducting a number of research projects related to international student success such as mental health, workforce readiness, and career development.
We have just completed our first research study, which focuses on current attitudes and perceptions of international students, which will lay the foundational groundwork for the rest of our projects. We look forward to making these results, including toolkits, whitepapers, webinars and other resources, available to the higher education community and to help with international student success through this next academic year.

What's Next?

Beginning in July our survey regarding the mental health of the students during the pandemic will take place. If you wish to get involved or know of a department or school who would be willing to participate, please contact for more information.


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