International student experience report

GAISA's year-long study into reimagining international student success in a post-covid world.

Why your institution needs this?

GAISA focuses on creating the tools needed by institutions, faculty and administrators to create a welcoming atmosphere for international students that allow them to be safe and ultimately successful.

Up to date insights

Timely research to guide support and services for international students.

Improvement Recomendations

Strategies on how you can make changes to create greater equity for international students on campus.

Better Understanding of Student Needs

Knowledge to have a deep and profound effect on the academic experience.

Key Research Objectives

  • Determine how international students experience life and studies at US colleges and universities.
  • Understand what motivates international students to pursue education in the US.
  • Learn what US colleges and universities can do to improve the experience, retention, graduation, and future employment of international students.
  • Gain insight into how the COVID-19 pandemic shaped international students’ perceptions of the US, the US education system, and their future prospects.

What GAISA funds with each sale

  • Student scholarships
  • Research and study grants
  • Collaborative fund management
  • Legal fees
  • Student needs
  • Charity acts

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International student experience report

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