What is GAISA

We’re a global alliance of like-minded individuals and institutions dedicated to building a new model of international student success in higher education.


We advocate for the financial, academic, social and wellness aspects of student life.


We conduct primary research, build best practices frameworks, and offer grassroots insights.


We dedicate ourselves to increasing satisfaction, academic achievement, and career or future readiness of every student.


We are continuously seeking to rally organizations and individuals that can make maximum impact on the positive trajectory of the international student.

Our Work

As an alliance, GAISA is committed to working with every level of higher education, business experts, thought leaders and influencers, to build a new model of international student success. As a member of GAISA, you will be able to:

Connect with our

  • Diverse Board of Directors and advisory council members
  • Relationships with international organizations
  • Direct working projects with US, UK and Canadian institutions


  • Reflections based on current socio-political issues
  • Collaborative studies and framework research
  • Student insight

Equip yourself and your institution with

  • Best-practices guides
  • Training for administrators
  • Institutional tools for achieving success

Support your students through

  • Student scholarships
  • Research and study grants
  • Collaborative fund management

Our Board

Richard DeCapua, Ed.D.

Founding President, GAISA
Before his journey with GAISA, Rich was a 20-year higher ed veteran working at institutions such as Boston College, Brandeis University, and Wesleyan University where he oversaw numerous aspects of campus life and student affairs that directly impacted the success of international students. Rich is currently still teaching in numerous higher education graduate programs where he specializes in higher education finance.

Austin A. Ashe - MIT Sloan School of Management

Associate Director, Office of Undergraduate Education
I've spent 15 years working within the field of higher education. During that time I have worked within spaces that include: academic advising, university advancement, alumni affairs, student leadership, first-year programs & orientation, and residential life. I am currently finishing my doctoral program at the University of Massachusetts (Boston) higher education program. My research seeks to examine the connections between #HipHopEd, cultural/racial identity of faculty, and pedagogical approach.

M.L. “Cissy” Petty - George Washington University

Vice President Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Working as the Chief Student Affairs Officer for the last 30 years at a variety of institutions leading teams to provide student centric programs and services for students.
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